Tide Group

Founded in 2003, Tide Group is located in Hangzhou/China and is active in countries like: Africa, Brazil, United States, Italy and Mexico. Tide is a leading player in the agrochemical industry and specialized in the manufacture, sale, registration and development of a wide range of crop protection products. The company stands out for its major synthesis and processing capacity, offering high quality products supported by its research and development center.

In 2010, with a focus on Brazil, the Tide Group – a Chinese agribusiness conglomerate – established Tide Brasil, located in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul. The purpose of inauguration of subsidiary in Brazil was to expand the Group’s business in this growing and important market.

In 2014, the Tide Group, assumed administrative control of Prentiss Química, located in Campo Largo, Paraná. The of the merger l was to expand the Group’s allowing the Chinese company to start operations by supplying Chinese agricultural pesticides to the local industry in Brazil.

In 2019, Tide Group announced that it would be acquiring full control of Prentiss Química, purchasing 100% of the shares. With the agreement set, the Chinese Group assumed responsibility for full control of the corporation, which saw the implementation of several strategic projects, especially the expansion of the Prentiss manufacturing plant.

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